7 Easy Herbs to Grow at Home

easy herbs to grow

Growing herbs at home is affordable and completely doable, and it helps if you know the easiest tropical herbs to grow from seeds. Believe me, growing herb seeds at home will save you a lot of money when you cook.

There are many herb seeds in Malaysia that you can buy online. Here are the 7 easiest tropical vegetable seeds to grow at home.

1. Arugula

Arugula is a fast-growing, tropical vegetable salad green that adds flavour to your salads. This plant will be ready to harvest as soon as four weeks after sowing. The seedlings are capable of enduring difficult weather. 

Here are some important things to consider when it comes to growing arugula:

  • Arugula grows in humus-rich, well-drained soil.
  • It is better to plant them outdoors in full soon. 
  • Make sure to plant them 0.65 centimetres deep and about 2.50 centimetres apart so they have room to grow. 
  • As mentioned, they grow fast so the seeds will germinate in a couple of days. 
  • Sow new seeds every two to three weeks for a continuous harvest.

How to take care:

  • Keep soil moist.
  • Use the thinning for salads to thin seedlings to about 15 centimetres
  • It is a good idea to provide some shade on hotter days. 
Easy herbs to grow: Arugula

2. Basil

To many of us, basil is a favourite tropical herb to grow from seeds. For me, I just love to add it to my Italian dishes, pesto, pasta sauces, and salads. 

Malaysia is a great place to plant basil as they grow beautifully in full sunlight. All they need is well-drained soil and lots of pruning when it’s in full season. 

When a branch of basil has between seven to eight leaves, prune it to permit new growth. 

Easy herbs to grow: basil

3. Coriander

Coriander is a popular herb in Malaysia dishes so it is a good idea to keep it handy. This tropical herb is perfect to grow in pots or the ground.

Growing coriander is easy, all you need are:

  • A sunny place in the garden
  • Well-drained soil
  • Water regularly
  • Fertilizing
Easy herbs to grow: coriander

4. Celery

Garden celery is better tasting and you can be sure it is chemically free. This tropical herb is easy to grow as long as you understand its specific needs.

  • Celery requires 130 to 140 days to grow.
  • It is better not to expose this herb to high heat. The best growing temperatures are between 15° to 25° Celsius.
  • It is extremely important to keep the soil watered at all times. 
  • It needs a rich, fertile soil with plenty of organic material mixed in.
  • Don’t forget to fertilize celery during the growing period as it is a heavy eater. Make sure nutrients are at the top of the soil.

Celery doesn’t transplant well so the best way to start is from seeds. Remember, you can buy tropical herbs seeds online in Malaysia. 

Easy herbs to grow: celery

5. Chives

Chives are one of the easiest herbs to grow at home, as they do not need much light and are prolific in their production. 

The best way to start growing chives is from seeds. All you need to do is place the seeds in a small pot half-full of well-drained soil, and cover the roots up to the crown with more fertile soil. 

Just make sure to stimulate new growth by cutting about one-third of growth off the top. 

6. Dill

If you want to grow dill in your vegetable garden, it is a good idea to plant new seeds every year. 

You should sow dill seeds directly into the garden. Make sure the soil temperature is between 15° to 21° Celsius for the best results. You can plant dill every couple of weeks to make sure you have a constant supply. 

Remember to plant dill in a place full of sun and you need a well-drained soil rich in organic matter. It is important to protect the dill from strong winds. Dill seeds grow quickly and after 10 to 14 days, young dill plants should appear in the soil. 

Easy herbs to grow: dill

7. Sage

Garden sage is easy to grow and a delicious herb to flavour meat and bean dishes. Sage is a great complement to your vegetable garden. 

You need to plant sage in a spot full of sun. The soil should be well-drained as this herb will not tolerate sitting in wet soil. The easiest way to grow sage is from seeds that you can buy online. 

Make sure the soil is between 15° to 21° Celsius for better results. Leave plenty of space because sage can grow up to 30 and 76 centimetres in height. 

Easy herbs to grow: sage

Finally, make sure to water the young plants regularly and prune the heavier, woody stem once a year. It is best to grow new sage seeds every year to remain productive.

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