5 Landscaping Ideas For A Beautiful Backyard

landscaping the backyard

It is possible to have a beautiful backyard. All you need is patience, and the right ideas to start. But redesigning the backyard can be overwhelming when there are so many options available. The key is to think about it as if it is just another room inside your home. 

Follow the same rules that guide your house decoration inside. If you know how to put together a room, having a beautiful backyard should be no problem. Here are five easy landscaping ideas to start with. 

1. Determine What You Want

The first step to creating a beautiful backyard is to make a list of needs and wants. 

You should ask yourself questions like:

  • Do I need space for kids to play?
  • Do I need a vegetable garden for my cooking?
  • Do I need a place to gather my family and friends on a patio?

Once you answer these questions you can write ideas about where you want to start with.

For example, if you want a vegetable garden it is important to know which type of vegetable seeds you use the most for cooking. It is important to know that in Malaysia the best way to buy vegetable seeds is online as it is easy and you have many options to choose from. 

Play around with ideas this is the best way to do it if you are a beginner. 

BBQ at the backyard

2. Plant Flowers

It is always a good idea to welcome guests with flowers. Adorn your entrance. The best way to do it is to buy the easiest tropical flowers to grow in Malaysia such as Amazon Elephant’s Ear, Anthurium, Bromeliads, and Bird of Paradise

Consider constructing a low fence out in the front yard as it will create an illusion that your house is farther from the street than it really is, plus you can grow flowers in this space. 

plant flowers

3. Location

When you live in Malaysia, it is important to study the sun and wind patterns to know which type of flowers, herbs or vegetable seeds to grow. You might want to choose a location depending on how much sun your plants need. Or you would not want to grow papaya seeds in a windy location as they will not establish or grow well. 

Those are common mistakes in backyard landscape design that many beginners do. Your backyard design should consider what the sun, rain, and wind do at different times of the day and year. 

location for a backyard

4. Plant Bermuda Grass

When we talk about a rough-and-tumble, resilient grass, Bermuda grass is what we are thinking of. Bermuda grass is drought tolerant, it’s durable, it is fairly pest resistant, easy to grow, and it loves Malaysia tropical weather. 

Just make sure not to plant Bermuda grass near your vegetable garden at it could be hard to handle. But if you want to grow the grass on your landscape, its growth pattern, tenacity, and beautiful dark green color will work in your favor. 

bermuda grass plant

5. Enjoy the Process

Many professional gardeners can make a complete landscape design and makeover in only three days but this is not something most beginner gardeners can do.

It is important to take your time to create a landscape from developing a plan to grow your flowers, herbs or vegetable seeds. You can start with a small flower bed

A good option is to go out and work on it for an hour or two. Do it when you have time. Don’t stress about filing everything up right away. Take your time, and avoid taking any shortcuts or get too careless with you do it yourself landscape design.  

You can even start by creating a microgreen garden. A microgreen garden, as the name suggests, is just a miniature garden of greens, herbs, or other vegetables. Like sprouts, they are a great nutritional source for your body. 

The best microgreen seeds to plant in Malaysia are Kangkung, Rocket, Oregano, and Basil. 

landscaping the backyard

In Conclusion

Don’t forget that patience is key for achieving a beautiful backyard, especially if you are a beginner. If everything seems too much to start with, start in one area while you gain experience and know what you want.

Remember to choose the easiest tropical flowers or vegetable seeds to grow in Malaysia as it is better to work with the weather instead of against it.

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