7 Easiest Tropical Leafy Vegetables to Grow from Seeds

Tropical Leafy Vegetables

When you are new to growing vegetables in a tropical country like Malaysia, you may want to try to grow all the things you know.

But as obvious as it may seem, the best and easiest way to success is to grow tropical leafy vegetables. 

Keep reading to learn how to grow tropical leafy vegetables.

Growing Vegetable Seeds in Hot Weather

Consider that there are more insects in tropical weather than in cool weather. The good thing is that there are more beneficial insects too in this type of environment. If your plants are healthy, they are less likely to attract as many pests. 

It is not only the hot weather that can affect vegetable seeds but humidity too. 

You have to help your vegetable tropical seeds with good, rich soil, water, fertilizer, and planting them in the right spot. 

But the best thing you can do is to buy tropical vegetable seeds to grow. You have to work with the weather you have, not against it. Don’t make your life harder, let’s just grow leafy tropical vegetables instead.

warm weather for plants

Easiest Tropical Vegetables To Grow From Seeds

1. Amaranth/Bayam

Amaranth is a leafy tropical vegetable that is easy to grow. If you have never heard about Amaranth, you need to know that it is not only a legume but also a grain, and that’s why it is considered a superfood.

Amaranth leaves are great for green salads, and they are similar to beets and spinach, but better. They have more calcium and iron. 

Amaranth is a leafy vegetable that grows better in rich soil. It needs water, the sun, fertilizer and it can handle the heat and dry conditions better than any other vegetable. 

They are easy to maintain, all you need to do is weed regularly and thin out sick old plants. 

If you are new to vegetable gardening, without a doubt, Amaranth should be your first option to grow. 

amaranth leaves

2. Kangkong

Kangkong is another leafy vegetable seed that can be easily grown in tropical conditions. 

This vegetable seed is very easy to grow on any type of soil, but it is better to have slightly acidic soil. It prefers a long period of warm climate, the sun, and a good irrigation system.

Tropical Leafy Vegetables - kangkong

3. Choy Sum

Choy sum is a leafy vegetable that is very popular in Malaysia. It is related to Yu Choy and broccoli. 

As for the vegetable seeds, Choy sum prefers fertile well-drained soil. Grow the vegetable seeds in a sunny location.

The soil should be moist, and for optimum development, fertilizer is needed. The best temperature to grow Choy Sum is within 15-30° Celsius.

Tropical Leafy Vegetables - choy sum

4. Kailan

Kailan, also known as Chinese Broccoli, is one of the easiest and quickest vegetable seeds to grow.

It is ready to harvest in just 2 months when 2 to 3 flowers are open. It prefers well-drained soil and all you need is a sunny location. 

Tropical Leafy Vegetables - Kailan

5. Lettuce

Lettuce seeds are another leafy vegetable that is easy and quick to grow. It grows in any location with the sun and you can start indoors.

As there are many varieties of lettuce, make sure you choose the ones that tolerate heat and grows well in tropical conditions. 

They can grow in any type of soil.

Tropical Leafy Vegetables - lettuce

6. Pak Choy

It is an oriental vegetable seed that grows extremely well in containers. It is crispy and juicy.

Pak Choy grows quickly and it is similar to Chinese Cabbage. It can be added to many dishes such as salads, stir fry dishes, or just steamed as a vegetable. 

Tropical Leafy Vegetables - Pak choi

7. Cabbage

Cabbage is a popular vegetable seed that is also easy to grow in the heat. They offer a wide variety of cooking options, and they are also a good source of fibre.

Tropical Leafy Vegetables - Cabbage

In a Nutshell 

If you are new to growing vegetables, you should stick with the above- mentioned options.

They are the easiest tropical vegetable seeds to grow, plus they are versatile and nutritious, making them a great addition to your daily diet.

The best way to buy these vegetable seeds are online, and if you follow the instructions, you will soon have a beautiful and nutritious vegetable garden. 

Happy planting! 

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