Crystal Ice plant seeds


How to grow ice plant seeds?

Ice plant is a popular health vegetable in recent years. It is rich in nutrients and is good for people with high blood pressure, diabetes… Let’s explore how to grow ice plant from seeds


1. Prepare potting soil and seeds

Pots are better prepared, and the iced vegetables are very firm. We can use paper cups, washbasins, and foam boxes when we are raising seedlings. We can buy special balcony vegetable growing containers if possible. The soil is relatively troublesome. We need to prepare some very breathable and soft soil because the ice vegetable seeds are relatively weak, and the thick soil cannot grow. Then sprinkle the prepared iced vegetable seeds evenly on top, and gently cover with a thin layer of soil, about 3mm-5mm thick is enough.


2. Germinate Ice Plant Seeds

Ice plant seeds germinate quickly in a cool and ventilated place. You can usually see the germination within 72 hours. Although the germination is simple, we also need to ensure that the soil is slightly moist, and we can spray the surface of the soil at a long distance every night. Moreover, ice plants are not the same as other vegetables. After germination, they will grow long without sunlight, so we must let them see the weak sunlight in time to grow better.


3. Transplanting

When ice plants grow longer and denser, we need space them 10-15cm apart. Otherwise, if the seedlings are too dense, they will be prone to poor growth. When the iced plant’s seedlings grow to about 5 cm, they can be transplanted into a large container 10-15cm apart. Remember to transplant in the evening or night when it is cooler, be gentle with them as the leaves are easily pinched.


4. Fertilization

Ice plants need fertile soil for growth, we can add fertilizers directly in the soil when transplanting. After all, they are eaten by humans. Microbial inoculants are a kind of biological fertilizer that contains a lot of beneficial bacteria, which can improve the environment of the soil and can also grow for ice plants.

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