Types Of Vegetable Seeds That Can Be Directly Planted On The Ground

Planting vegetable seeds directly in the ground

There are two ways to start your vegetable garden: grow your seed indoors or tuck seeds directly into soil outdoors.

The latter is called direct sowing, and it could be an effective and easy process if you know which type of vegetable seeds to plant to achieve great results.

Remember that when you directly plant vegetable seeds on the ground you have to keep in mind certain unforeseeable elements like:

  • Weather
  • Wildlife
  • Insects

The good news is there are many vegetable seeds, annuals, herbs, and perennials sprout that can be easily planted outdoors. If you live in a tropical country such as Malaysia, you can directly sow almost any vegetable seed.

As you may already know, gardening in Malaysia is easy and convenient with hundreds of vegetable seeds available online. Remember, quality seeds lead to superior plants.

Believe me, there is nothing more amazing than surprising your family and friends with food made of homegrown vegetables from your garden!

How To Sow Directly?

To start your vegetable garden follow these steps:

1. Follow the directions on the seed packet: Every vegetable seed packet you buy online has information on how to sow your seeds for best results. Read it carefully and follow the instructions.

2. Prepare your beds: Don’t forget to prepare your beds before sowing your vegetable seeds. Remove all the weeds, large clumps, rocks and add some compost and fertilizer. If the soil is dry, water the bed very well the day before you sow.

3. Sow your vegetable seeds: When buying your vegetable seeds online, select a sowing method and plant your seeds. Remember to follow the direction on the package. When you plant the seeds, press the soil gently so you are sure there is good contact between seed and soil. Mark your planting location. Keep the soil evenly moist until the seeds sprout.

4. Thin your seedlings: Thin your plants down after true leaves appear, make sure to leave the healthiest and strongest plants to survive. The best way to thin is to use a pair of scissors.

5. Keep the soil moist: Once the seedlings become firm, mulch the beds to keep the soil moist and contain weeds.

 Here are the top 6 vegetable seeds to buy online to start your garden.

1. Beans

Beans are dependable and easy to cultivate. Growing beans in tropical countries such as Malaysia may produce crisp green pods, protein-rich beans, or both, depending on which variety you buy online.

For most varieties, plant 2.54cm deep, 7-10cm apart. Thinning is not usually required.

french bean seeds buncis soon huat seeds malaysia

2. Beets

This vegetable seed is better to start directly outside so you don’t disturb their roots. Sow seeds 1cm deep and 2.5 to 4cm apart in rows about 1 foot apart.

After sowing, don’t forget to cover the seeds with soil and press firmly down with your hand or rake.

beetroot seeds

3. Carrots

To sow carrots directly outside, make sure the soil is loose, sandy and airy so the roots can push down through the soil. Sow seeds 1 to 1.5cm deep and 1.75cm apart.

When seedlings are 4cm high, thin to one plant, keep this in mind: 2.5cm for baby carrots or one plant for every 7cm for larger carrots.

Carrot seeds soon huat seeds malaysia

4. Corns

To plant corns, make sure to do at least four short rows side-by-side to form a block of plants.

Depending on which variety you buy online, you will need to plant 2.5cm deep, 10-15cm apart. Thin to one plant every 30cm.

bi color sweet corn seeds online malaysia

5. Cucumbers

Another easy vegetable seed to grow in Malaysia is cucumber. If you want to grow cucumber on mounds you need to allow plenty of room for the vines to stretch out or you can also grow them along a trellis to save space.

For most varieties of this vegetable seeds, you will need to plant them 2.5cm deep, and 15-20cm apart. No thinning is needed for cucumbers.


6. Lettuce

You can buy this vegetable seeds online in many varieties. Plant seeds 0.5cm deep and keeps the soil evenly moist.

Thin leaf lettuce varieties to 10cm apart, loosehead varieties to 20cm apart, and firm head varieties to 40cm apart.

butterhead lettuce seeds online malaysia

Happy planting! For more information, get in touch with us.

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