What Vegetables Grow From Seeds?

vegetable that grows from seeds

Health consciousness has popularised growing your own vegetables in your backyard or basement. Many people also grow small plants in their apartments these days.

Gardening has become a well-liked hobby and for a good reason too. Not only are you sure of the quality but you can also spend your time productively.

Since you are already here looking for an answer to what vegetables grow from seeds, have you decided on what plants you want to grow?

List of easy to grow vegetables

It could be your first time growing vegetables on your own or your tenth, but the list of vegetables below can surely help you decide. Here are the easiest vegetables you can grow from seeds:

1. Beans

They thrive in warm, moist soil. Fastest to grow, beans are low maintenance. However, pole beans might need support as they need something to climb on. You can plant them in spring, once the soil has become slightly warmer.

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2. Beets

Beetroots need loose soil to grow uniformly. Remove any clumps or stones before you plant beets. More warmth helps them bolt quickly. You can double the number of seeds if you want to grow small beets. Or you can mix the seeds to harvest a variety of colorful beets.

beetroot seeds

3. Carrots

Getting your carrots right in the first try can be difficult. They can turn out to be short or deformed if not planted properly. They need well-drained, soft soil to grow properly. If you have heavy clay soil, then you can try growing smaller carrots.

Also, transplanting the seeds causes damage to the produce. Consider it wisely, whether the quality matters more or the time until harvest. I’d recommend always to sow the seeds directly instead.

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4. Cucumbers

Cucumbers need some preparation before they can be planted. They need high levels of nitrogen and potassium for a steady yield. Look for fertilizers that have a rich content of these elements.

You can put fences around them as a support and shelter. But they can also be grown indoors. However, they are sensitive to being transplanted, just like carrots. So think thoroughly before you decide what you want to do.


5. Kale

Warmer climates are perfect for kale seeds. As soon as the soil has thawed in spring, you can start growing them. If you wish to plant them inside, then you can start 3-6 weeks earlier.

It cannot stand high temperatures so you can grow them only till early summer. But you can grow them again in the fall.

Kale seeds Dino soon huat seeds malaysia

6. Lettuce

You can get fresh, crispy lettuce if you grow them in colder weather. They also grow faster in cold temperature. Plant the seeds 4-6 weeks before the early spring, and you can have plenty to enjoy later in the season until late summer.

You can grow them in summer as well, given you provide them with some shade. Also, try to place them at least 8-10 inches apart when sowing the seeds. It will give them enough space to break into plenty of healthy leaves.

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7. Peas

Peas can be planted as soon as the ground has thawed. They grow best when seeds are directly sown. You could also plant them 4-6 weeks before the last frost.

You can also continuously harvest peas by simultaneously sowing different varieties. Sow new combinations of the varieties after every two weeks. This way, you can grow peas till mid-June.

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8. Peppers

You can quickly grow different types of peppers in your garden annually- sweet bell peppers, jalapenos, etc. Plant the seeds indoors first. Try to do it 8-12 weeks before the last frost. Once the warmth has returned in the soil, you can plant the seedlings into the garden. Somewhere around late spring works best.

sweet pepper seeds benih soon huat seeds malaysia


Cooler spring weather is perfect for radishes. You can directly sow the seeds as early spring arrives. You should mix radish seeds with carrot seeds since they are natural companions. It’s a good trick if you have stubborn soil with a tough crust. The radishes sprout early and will create openings for the carrots to grow from.

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10. Squash

Each squash type is easy to grow from seeds. Find a sunny spot in the early spring to start planting your squash.

But remember, it needs well-composted soil and plenty of space. Try to water them at the soil level. It’ll help you avoid powdery mildew.


You can find all of these vegetable seeds online on our website. We also discuss plenty of helpful vegetable gardening tips and hacks for beginners.

We hope the list will not only help you decide what you grow in that space in your backyard but also offer other vegetable garden care and maintenance tips.

Once you master growing these easy-to-grow-vegetables-from-seeds, you can move on to other more delicate vegetables that need more expertise and care.

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